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Janis collars are almost works of art! Beautiful handwork in wonderful colour combinations. Will you be stealing the show soon?


The unique dog collars and leashes of DWAM

Do you regularly take your dog for a walk or do you want that quirky style that fits you both? Then, our cheerful collection is perfect for you. With our beautiful collars and leashes you will always look great. All our exclusive collars and leashes are solidly made and of a robust quality. They are handmade and therefore all checked for quality. Whether you have a large or a small dog, a dog collar must always fit and feel comfortable. To be able to offer each dog and dog owner something beautiful, we have chosen to offer many different designs.

Dogs With A Mission Janis Dog Collar

  • Small        Width 2cm      Length 29cm - 35cm

    Medium   Width 2.5cm  Length 33cm - 43cm

    Large        Width 4cm     Length 41cm - 51cm