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Smug Mutts Hemp and wood toys are perfect for interactive play between canine and human. The earthy smell of the soft and natural hemp rope combined with the splinterless beech wood also make for an exciting combination of durable materials for your dog to chew on! So whether your four legged friend prefers a game of tug of war, throw and fetch or just a good old chew, Smug Mutts Hemp and wood toys are guaranteed to bring your dog hours of fun!

Size Guide:

  • Puppy / Small - 12mm Rope Thickness, 50mm Ball Diameter 
  • Medium - 12mm Rope Thickness, 60mm Ball Diameter 
  • Large - 16mm Rope Thickness, 70mm Ball Diameter



It’s an integral part of the process to minimise our environmental footprint in every way possible from buying responsibly sourced wood and organically grown European sourced hemp.


FSC Beech wood

Beech is a widely available hardwood and it makes a fantastic alternative to plastic - here's why;

- It is strong and durable.

- A close grain structure means no large splinters or sharp chunks should break off.

- When chewed the wood becomes soft and when dry if it feels rough it can be sanded back to its former glory.

- Contains no additional treatments, chemicals or preservatives. 

- Non-toxic and is even used in children's teething toys due to its qualities!

- Can be treated with coconut oil to preserve the wood.


Natural Hemp

Natural Hemp Rope benefits the environment as well as your dog - here's why:

- Sheds in short length fibres which are safer if digested in small amounts unlike cotton and other synthetic rope toys.

- Naturally anti-microbial and resistant to mould.

- Can act as a natural tooth brush and the soft texture helps massage dogs gums.